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The Nutritional Panel consists of the following tests:

Complete Blood Count (CBC), Chemistry Panel (16 essential tests), Iron and Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC), Prealbumin.

The Nutritional Panel includes a variety of tests that can help you determine if you are getting enough nutrition. This panel can also help rule out adrenal gland disorders and malnutrition. It is commonly ordered by doctors before surgery or for patients who are hospitalized or chronically ill.

One of the tests included in this panel, the Prealbumin Test, can help you and your doctor diagnose problems with your nutrition.

The Nutritional Panel also includes a CBC, which measures important parameters of the cellular makeup of your blood that can reveal anemia, signs of infection or other factors that may cause fatigue; a Chemistry Panel, which analyzes electrolytes, sugar, proteins, and enzymes including sodium, potassium, calcium, glucose and liver/kidney function tests; and an Iron and Total Iron Binding Capacity – which measures the amount of iron in your blood.