myTest Diagnostics offers same day (24h) Monkeypox PCR testing

About our test

Our lab-developed molecular diagnostic test aids in the diagnosis of infection with monkeypox virus. This novel target test employs polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to aid in the qualitative detection of monkeypox virus (West African clade) DNA, using swab specimens from patients presenting with a history of potential exposure and an indicative fever (1-4 days) and/ or an acute pustular or vesicular rash. The myTest Diagnostics test can detect monkeypox viral DNA from the first day of suspected fever. Helping to enable faster final diagnosis. Test results are intended to be used in conjunction with clinical observations and epidemiological risk factors and should not be used as the sole basis of treatment or other patient management decisions.


Types of specimens

Test Type


Febrile (1-4 days)

OPS or NPS swabs

PCR Test

Screen / Diagnostic

Rash (2-4 weeks)

Lesion fluid, roof or crust

PCR Test


Ordering, collection & results

Test name

Monkeypox Virus DNA, Qualitative, Real-Time PCR

Test code


Specimen Requirements

OPS or NPS in non-lesion patients; Lesion swab collected in dry sterile tube or equivalent. 2 swab method


Swab Specimens for Monkeypox virus Real Time PCR should be collected in appropriate health care settings, such as hospitals and physician offices. MTD Patient Service Centers collect these samples.

Expected Turnaround

1-2 days